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Discover the DJI Focus Pro, DJI's pioneering venture into the realm of Automated Manual Focus (AMF) lens control systems. This groundbreaking tool offers filmmakers a durable, all-encompassing focus management solution, marking the beginning of a revolutionary partnership between human intuition and machine precision in focus control.

LiDAR Focusing: Precision at Every Filmmaker's Fingertips The DJI Focus Pro democratizes LiDAR focusing, making cutting-edge precision accessible to every cinematographer. This technology guarantees sharp, accurate focus, ensuring that your vision is captured just as you imagine it, in every frame.

AMF: A Symphony of Human and Machine At the heart of the DJI Focus Pro lies its Automated Manual Focus system, a testament to the seamless collaboration between human creativity and machine efficiency. This feature enables a fluid, intuitive focus experience, allowing you to adjust focus on the fly with unparalleled precision.

FIZ Lens Control: Command Your Narrative Take control of your narrative with the DJI Focus Pro's FIZ (Focus, Iris, Zoom) lens control system. Master every aspect of your scene, from depth of field to framing, with precision control that puts the power of storytelling directly in your hands.

Seamless Interconnectivity: A Unified Filmmaking Experience The DJI Focus Pro excels in offering seamless interconnectivity, providing a unified, all-scenario experience that integrates effortlessly with your existing setup. This ensures that no matter the project or environment, you have a reliable, versatile focus solution at your fingertips.

Elevate your filmmaking with the DJI Focus Pro and step into a world where focus control is not just a function, but an extension of your creative vision.

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